3 Easy Ways To Know If Your Septic Tank Lid is Broken

Unpleasant smells in your property indicate a broken septic tank lid, or that you may need to empty your septic tank. Finding the right professionals for the job is vital to avoid these circumstances and prevent the neighbors from talking. Fear not; this blog will address the top 3 tips to know if your septic tank lid is broken. Let`s begin! 

Foul Odor From The Outside 

The easiest, although unpleasant, way to know if your septic tank lid is damaged is if you smell a foul odor from your backyard. If you do, the most critical next step is contacting septic tank professionals to fix and empty your tank. Keeping up with the maintenance of your septic tank will prevent these situations. Usually, it would help if you empty your septic tank every 4 years. However, it depends on the tank’s capacity and the number of people that live in your household. 

The Backwash Of Sewage To Your Drains and Pipes 

If you find a backwash coming out of your drains, this could indicate a backed-up septic tank due to a damaged lid. Sometimes foreign debris can fall into the tank causing this blockage. Falling trees or roots can find their way into the pipes, which could be the reason for these problems. As a homeowner, keeping track of these details is essential to prevent expensive septic tank repairs. There is a lot you can do to ensure a well-kept home. 

Low Pressure In Your Bathroom 

When you experience low pressure in your toilets and have tried to unclog them, but it persists, it might be time to call the septic tank technicians to look at your septic tank lid. Acting fast to solve the problem is crucial. 

Friendly And Efficient Septic Tank Professional Help 

At Grants Septic Techs, we value customer satisfaction. We ensure we let our customers know the problem and what we will do to solve it. We take pride in having loyal customers year-round to ensure their septic tank issues are solved. Our septic tank services are clean and efficient.  We provide septic pumping, pumping maintenance tests, septic system repair, and title 5 inspections. We specialize in septic tank lid repair so you can return to your routine. Feel confident that you have a reliable team to help you.