4 Ways to Avoid a Septic System Backup This Summer

Nobody wants to worry about septic tank issues when you are preparing for the beach or just relaxing at home this summer. That is why it is essential to follow some easy tips to avoid this situation. Keep reading to to learn more about septic backup prevention this summer. Let’s begin! 

1. Notice What Gets Flushed 


Baby wipes and feminine products are not flushable items that shouldn`t go into the toilet. Please pay careful attention to this and let summer guests know about this before it becomes a problem. If you flush, these items can cause clogs in your pipes and sewage backup in your home.

In addition to not flushing these items, it’s essential to dispose of them properly. Baby wipes and feminine products should be wrapped in toilet paper and thrown in the trash.

2. Pay Attention To The Kitchen Drain 


Pouring extra grease from leftovers in the kitchen drain can also cause backups in the septic tank. Instead, wipe the grease off with a paper towel and throw it away in the garbage.

3. Wait To Do Laundry 


If you are having summer guests and you know there will be more people showering, flushing, and washing their hands, then hold off on the laundry before or after they leave so you don`t put a strain on your septic tank. Additionally, if you want to wash your car, wait til the houseguests have left. 

4. Before the Guests Arrive, Pump Your Septic Tank 


Summer should be filled with family barbecues and pool parties, not a backed-up septic tank. That is why getting the professionals to pump your tank before your guests arrive is always a good idea to enjoy your time. For septic tank maintenance you should always call the professionals.

Local Efficient Septic Tank Professionals 

At Grants Septic Techs, we have been working in the industry since 1982.We are a family-owned business working thoroughly and honestly to get the relief you need this summer. We will explain everything we will do so that you are well-informed about septic tank maintenance. Enjoy your summer with the help of Grants Septic Techs.