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6 Key Factor For The Lifetime Of Your Septic System

  • OUTLET "Tee" or "BAFFEL"

One of the most important components of your septic system. Its function is to keep the septic tank scum from traveling directly out into your soil absorption system. 

  • Outlet Filter

A filter is a newly mandatory component on all new septic systems. It’s function is protecting your soil absorption system from particles tank float up and make their way out of your septic tank. 


Ultimately these levels determine if your tank needs to be pumped. When sludge levels reach 1 foot 6 inches the tank should be pumped. A typical home has the septic tank pumped once every 2 years. Call us for a pumping recommendation.

  • Septic Tank/ Distribution Box structure and Age

With age comes wear and tear on a septic system. Reduce corrosion on these components by using eco-friendly products. More information at our Do Not Flush Rules page. Poor maintenance on a septic system is a guaranteed way to shorten the lifespan.

  • Septic Pumping Maintenance

Extend the lifetime of your septic system by having proper maintenance performed over the years. For example a 10 year-old car with no maintenance is likely to have issues at an earlier age than a well maintained vehicle. Pumping sludge buildup out of the septic tank is the only way to prevent expensive septic system replacement.


The water level in the septic tank helps to determine condition of your leaching field. High water levels indicate a problem and a septic professional should be called to inspect the septic system.

How Often Do You Need Septic Pumping?

Range: 1 - 3 years | Average: 2 years ------The only way to determine if your tank needs to be pumped is to open your septic tank lid and measure the sludge on the bottom which should be no more than 1.5 feet high. Pumping frequency is based off of size of the tank, usage and condition/age of the system.

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