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Title 5 Inspection

Title 5 Septic Inspection

Massachusetts state law requires septic systems to be inspected by licensed Title 5 inspectors before a property can be sold.
It is recommended to have a septic inspection before putting a property on the market.

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How Septic Inspection works?

The inspection process consists of determining the condition of the system. We start by examining the tees, water level, scum and sludge amount, in both the septic tank and the distribution box. Septic tank and distribution box are also inspected thoroughly for corrosion. 

Lastly, plumbing leaks and grounds water are something we also check to protect your home and environment. While we do our examination, we also provide a full pumping service which helps us inspect the entire septic tank.

Helpful Tips

Regular maintenance of anything makes sure it’s working properly and doesn’t cause any problems. It’s the same ideology with Septic System!
You have to be on top it to avoid issues like septic overflowing in yard or house. We will keep you on our records and be on top of your septic system maintenance. We will also make sure everything is working without any problems so that you can live a healthy and unworried life!


How to pass Inspection?

A septic inspection can result in a pass, a conditional pass or a fail. If you pass then you are all set! We will provide you with proof of a successful inspection.

A conditional pass on a septic system means that a component needs to be repaired in order to pass the system. Our inspector will describe the component that needs replacement or repair and then take care of the situation. We save systems from polluting the environment! When it’s all done, we provide the property owner a certificate of compliance that confirms their system is Title 5 ‘passed’.

We pass septic inspection at a rate of 96% . Our technicians are properly if there are any minor problems. Our certified technicians follow a proven 57 year old process to analyze every situation. 

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