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Septic System Repairs

Have any faults in your Septic System ? Is your Septic System not working as intended?
100% Guaranteed repairs for your entire Septic System and installations if necessary!

Grants Maintenance Repairs

Repairs & Installations

Repair or Replace Septic Tanks, Distribution Boxes, Clogged Leach Fields, Water and Sewer Lines, Replace Tees, Filters and Covers, we can do all that and more. 

We also perform Soil/Perk Testing for septic system design plans! We Install Septic Systems, Water lines, Sewer Lines, and Risers (raises the level of the septic tank cover to the surface, or close to it to eliminate digging costs).Our experienced technicians determine the difference between major and minor septic problems before they become a replacements every day. Failing and installing a new septic system should always be the last resort option.

Helpful Tips

Caring for your home septic system doesn’t have to be complicated. If you follow a few simple maintenance tips, you could save yourself money in repair bills. 

The key to proper septic tank upkeep comes down to four elements; Inspecting & Pumping Frequently, Efficient Use of Water, Proper Disposal of Waste and Maintaining Drain-Field. Follow these Dos and Do not flush rules to keep your septic system healthy. 

Septic System Riser

Risers & Covers

Fed up spending money on digging costs each time the septic system needs service? The installation of a tank riser and cover makes each pumping faster and cheaper because it brings the access point of the tank to the surface, or close to it. While the riser may appear to be a very simple concept, it is often missing from the standard septic tank, especially if it is a older design.

24 x 7 Emergency Services

Give us a call anytime, we will fulfill your needs even when it's midnight! We take care our clients like we take care of our family!