The Importance of Pumping Maintenance

If you are a new business owner or homeowner, you are likely unaware of the importance of pumping maintenance services. Many property owners forget that such tanks exist since they are underground — out of sight, out of mind. Due to this, septic problems can go undetected for a long time until there is a major problem. Particularly when it comes to septic tanks, they can become a health hazard if left neglected for long periods. This blog will explain the importance of pumping maintenance, so keep reading.


Why Bother Getting Pump Maintenance?


Septic tanks should be pumped at least every two years to avoid costly repairs or replacements. The frequency of pumping your septic tank varies depending on household size. A larger number of people using the septic system equals a higher water flow rate, and thus the need to pump the tank more often. There are various problems you can encounter when neglecting to pump your septic tank, including:

  • leaks
  • unusual noise
  • extreme vibration
  • corrosion
  • overheating

Improve Efficiency


Even if there are no indications of leaks or strange odors emanating from your drain, it may not operate effectively. A pumping maintenance company will help your septic tank improve the overall effectiveness of your system. If you’ve been waiting too long for a septic tank service, your system may start to drain slowly. It’s one of many warning signs that your tank is overdue for pumping.


Inspecting & Maintaining


Routine maintenance of your septic system keeps it free of pollution, illnesses, and the probability of failure. The pumping procedure of your tank is also evaluated during an inspection. Inspections also help you save money because they allow you to address little issues before they become major. 

The frequency of septic system inspections varies depending on the type of system. With gravity systems, many people opt for an inspection every couple of years, while pressure distribution, sand filter, and proprietary septic systems are typically inspected annually.


Get The Help You Deserve


Getting the right help is not always an easy task; this is why it’s important to partner with a trusted pumping maintenance company like Grants Septic Techs. Our mission is to prevent every septic system from failing while protecting the environment and decreasing spending. We have years of experience and expertise to keep your pumping maintenance services up to date and ensure that your equipment runs smoothly and efficiently. Contact us today for more information!