Selling Your Property and Need a Title 5 Inspection?

EVERY step possible to pass your Septic System is taken during our Title 5 Inspection process perfected over the last 59 years.

Why Are Title 5 Inspections Important?

Septic Inspections are mandatory; the State of Massachusetts requires property owners to have a licensed Title 5 Inspector perform an evaluation of the Septic System before sale.


Our Septic Inspection Is Full-Service: We Gather Necessary Design Plans / Water Info From Town For You.

Title 5 Inspection With Grant's Septic Techs


With fast scheduling options booking your service is now easier than ever. Book online or call to schedule a service date and time that works best for you.

Updates: On My Way!

Get notifications directly to your phone to keep you informed on exactly when your technician will arrive, start and finish the work. We’ll never keep you waiting.

Before Inspection

We will go over any questions you may have while gathering necessary information to complete the Title 5 Inspection Report.

** OUR STANDARD: We take every possible step to PASS your system. NO EXCUSES. ** 

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During Inspection

1) Basement Check: Inspection of pipes and water line.

2) Outside Work: Everything else is completed outside.

3) Done! (Our average inspection takes less than 2 hours)

After Inspection

 We will take care of your lawn and replace it as if we were never there. You will receive the 20 page Title 5 Inspection report within 2-3 days.

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You are welcome to pay by credit card, check, ACH, or cash. Whatever payment works best for you.

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Why Choose Grant's Septic Techs?

Having a company dig up your yard during the process of selling your home can be stressful, that's why we take care of your lawn and take every step to PASS your septic system.

We Make Title 5 Inspection Easy For You

Our Full-Service Septic Inspection takes all the weight off your shoulders. Simply Call (508) 266-7550 or Easily Book Online!

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