Where to Find Your Septic System Tank

Do you remember where the previous homeowner said your septic tank was? If you have trouble finding your septic tank or think it may need repair, keep reading to find valuable tips on how to find your septic tank

This blog will teach you the top 3 tips for finding your septic tank. Finding your septic tank shouldn’t be too difficult. With these tips, you will be on your way to a healthy septic system. Don’t worry; we have you covered. Let’s get started. 

Inspect Your Yard To Find Your Septic Tank 

The easiest way to locate your septic tank is to walk around your yard to see if you find patchy grass or a small hill from the buried septic tank. Ensure you inspect your property, keeping in mind to look for places far from a pool or patio to spot your septic tank

Use a Soil Probe To Find Your Septic Tank

Use a long soil probe to find the septic tank lid by poking around your yard. It would help if you used a pole or stick at least 4 feet long to probe through your yard. Just be careful not to examine too hard. You can also use a metal detector to find the metal handles of the septic tank lid. 

Follow the Main Sewer Pipe 

You can follow the sewage line that connects to the septic tank to find it. By following the direction of the line, you can have an idea of where the septic tank should be. Also, by asking a professional, you can easily find the sewage line and septic tank. 

Finding your septic tank should not be as hard, however, if it takes you way too long, then you had better rely on professional septic tank services to ensure they not only find your septic tank, but also get peace of mind that whatever needs to be done, will do so with high quality. 

Efficient Septic Tank Professionals By Your Side 

At Grants Septic Techs, we have been serving our community since 1982. We are a local family-owned business ensuring our customers are satisfied with our efficient and reliable services. 

Remember to give your septic tank maintenance to avoid any future problems. Having a septic tank pumped out every few years is essential to prevent it from becoming full and causing sewage to flow back into your home. We specialize in septic tank inspection and pumping. A well-maintained septic tank should last you up to 30 years. Don’t postpone this crucial maintenance. Let our team of experts help you today.