Commercial Septic Pumping

Don't Let Septic Buildup Impact Your Business

What's worse than a septic system backup? One that causes a loss of business!

Commercial septic systems have heavy buildup due to high usage. Regular commercial septic pumping is crucial for your system and business to continue uninterrupted.

By measuring scum and sludge levels in the tank we will determine the exact septic pumping maintenance schedule for your specific septic system.

Let us take care of your septic system so you can focus on what’s important, your business.

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Reasons to Use Grant's Septic Techs

Our methods to prevent back-ups and failure are tested and proven.

And experience counts. The Grant Family has been providing septic services since 1961.

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Emergency Service

Your septic system is under our care 24/7. With our maintenance schedule your business won't need emergency service but we certainly provide it!

System Health

We optimize your septic system's health by correcting the maintenance schedule to extend the lifespan of your system.

Do you have a grease trap system? Visit below for more info:

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Clear Communication

Simply let us know when you want us to arrive. Any specific directions? See the whole process from start to finish with our pumping service and job notifications. We will follow through for your business every single time.

Septic Pumping and Maintenance

How often does your business need septic pumping?

Range: 1 - 12 months | Average: 3 months — The only way to determine if your tank needs to be pumped is to open your septic tank lid and measure the sludge.

Commercial septic systems are usually larger, more expensive systems with high usage which makes getting the correct maintenance plan crucial.

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Taking care of your system.

Commercial septic pumping frequency is based on the size of the septic tank, usage and condition/age of the system.

We develop a custom maintenance plan for your septic system to extend the lifespan and give you a full report.

Measuring scum and sludge to find determine the correct amount of maintenance

OUR STANDARD: We pump to the bottom of the septic tank EVERY time — no excuses.

We Make Commercial Septic Pumping Easy

The correct pumping maintenance schedule is what extends the life of a septic system. Our friendly technicians determine the exact maintenance schedule for a system by measuring the levels in the tank and by asking a few questions. Simply call or easily Book Online!


You are welcome to pay online, through mail or in person. We take credit cards, check, ACH or cash. Whichever payment works best for you is fine with us.

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