Title 5 Inspection

Every Step Possible to Pass Your Septic System

Selling your property and need a Title 5 inspection?

We take EVERY step possible to pass your Septic System, no excuses and nothing too complicated. We have perfected our Title 5 Inspection process over the last 60 years to save you money and provide peace of mind.

Title Five Inspection underway with Dan Grant pointing to open septic tank

Full Service Septic System Inspection

Make sure this happens at your Title 5 Inspection

Septic Inspections are mandatory. The State of Massachusetts requires property owners to have a licensed Title 5 Inspector perform an evaluation of the septic system before sale.

Here's how we make sure you have the best chance of passing your inspection.

Our main focus is to pass your septic system and most of our inspections are a clean pass, but what if you are already experiencing issues with your system? Our experience has led us to find that too many septic systems that are declared as ‘failed’ can actually be fixed. Having issues with your system? Call us for more information before it's too late.

Grant's Septic Inspections

We gather necessary design plans and water information from the town so you don't have to. Here's what else to expect:

Updates: On My Way!

Get notifications directly to your phone to keep you informed on exactly when your technician will arrive, start and finish the work. We’ll never keep you waiting.

Person checking their phone for updates.

Before Inspection

We will go over any questions you may have while we gather the necessary information to complete your Title 5 Inspection Report.

Reviewing inspection documents beforehand

During Inspection

  1. Basement Check: Inspection of pipes and water line.
  2. Outside Work: Inspection of septic system components.
  3. Done! (Our average inspection takes less than 2 hours)
Using tools during a Title 5 Inspection

After Inspection

We will take care of your lawn and replace it as if we were never there. You will receive the 20 page Title 5 Inspection report within 3-5 days.

Happy customer shaking hands after the Title 5 Inspection is complete

Grant's Septic Inspections

Why choose us for your Title 5 Inspection?

From the greeting to close you will find the most friendly customer service provided by a family motivated to serve our community with the best results possible. Specifically, the result of good news and the result of leaving your lawn looking like we were never there!

Daniel Grant, Derek Grant and Brandon Grant


You are welcome to pay online, through mail or in person. We take credit cards, check, ACH or cash. Whichever payment works best for you is fine with us.

the yard before and after digging.