Septic system repair or replacement?

Consider which option is best for you.

Septic System Replacement is not always the right solution.

Our 59 years of experience has allowed us to deal with countless WILD situations needing septic system repair. Where do we start? From removing toys and purses clogging pipes to butt wipes clogging a drainfield! Or the main reason for 97% of septic system failure, biomat, which can be fixed.

We have found that many septic systems can be repaired instead of replaced.

The goal of this page is to help you conclude if septic system replacement or a repair is right for you.

Grant’s Septic Techs carefully measure and plan the septic system repair.

Understanding Septic System Repairs

The Septic Tank

A septic tank is very hard to damage, made of solid concrete that is 4 - 6 inches thick and can last 150 years or more because it does not corrode quickly.

Common problem:

Septic tank leak: Can be fixed by sealing except some towns don’t allow.

Cost for repair: $1,500 - 2,000

Cost for replacement: $4,000 - 6,000

Dan Grant in the large hole measuring space around the septic tank.

The Distribution Box

A distribution box is easy to damage so nothing larger than a lawn mower should be driven over it. Made of solid concrete that is 2 - 3 inches thick, which ends up lasting 20 - 40 years or sometimes even more but eventually will corrode and fall apart.

Common problem:

Distribution box corrosion: Can only be fixed by replacement.

Cost for replacement: $1,500 - 2,000

Dan Grant in a hole, replacing and connecting the distribution box

The Drainfield

A drainfield is easy to damage so nothing larger than a lawn mower should be driven over it. Proper maintenance is crucial here because it determines how long this final part of the system will last.

Common problem:

Drainfield clogging — Usually solved by septic system replacement for $20,000 - $30,000+. But when spending a large sum of money, are you going to consider all your options?

Performing a drainage field test, looking into a small deep hole.

Consider Your Septic System Repair Options

The most important fact to consider - is your septic system actually failed? We have seen systems that were declared failed but just needed a simple repair. Problems? Many of the times it’s clogged pipes or a collapsed distribution box. We fix those systems and set up a proper septic system maintenance program so the drainfield is safe.

Have a septic system with a distribution box that has water levels above the bottom of the pipes? Can’t see any pipes? (just water) then that’s failed. The drainfield is clogged, but it’s not over, until… it’s over. We can determine if the septic system drainfield is failed due to biomat and take the qualification steps to see if the system can be fixed.

Having a septic system with issues can be frustrating and daunting. We understand this, so we have created a free phone call consultation where you can speak with a septic expert about your situation. The free phone call can be found by clicking the button below where you will also see our everlasting septic system solution for fixing failed septic systems or preventing failure before it happens.

See The Everlasting Septic System Solution

The Grants in front of their septic system equipment for replacement or repair