Grease Trap Pumping

Pumping Is Critical For Your Commercial Grease Trap To Function

Schedule Regular Pumping To Prevent Problems

Grease trap systems have buildup based on their level of usage.

Pumping maintenance is crucial for your grease trap system to continue to function properly.

Avoid interruptions in business with a regular schedule.

Dishwasher in restaurant with greasy pans

Grease Trap Pumping and Maintenance

How often does your business need grease trap pumping?

Range: 1 - 6 months

Average: 1 - 3 months

The only way to determine if your grease trap needs to be pumped is to open it and measure the buildup.

Indoor traps usually pump closer to every month while outdoor traps usually pump closer to every 3 months.

Looking over a grease trap before pumping

Taking care of your system.

Pumping frequency is based on the size of the grease trap, usage and condition/age of the system.

We develop a custom maintenance plan for your grease trap system to extend the lifespan and give you a full report.

Grease trap pumping at a restaurant

Achieving your goals.

All you care about is your grease trap not failing and WE PREVENT THIS.

We show up on time and work in a professional manner to preserve your place of business.

Dan and Brandon Grant with their grease trap pumping truck

OUR STANDARD: We do the job right EVERY time — no excuses.

We Make Grease Trap Pumping Easy

The correct pumping maintenance schedule is what extends the life of a grease trap system. Our friendly technicians determine the exact maintenance schedule for a system by measuring the levels in the trap. Simply call or easily Book Online!

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You are welcome to pay online, through mail or in person. We take credit cards, check, ACH or cash. Whichever payment works best for you is fine with us.

Daniel, Derek and Brandon Grant who manage the grease trap maintenance