Emergency Septic Service

Have a septic system emergency?

Common septic system emergencies:

Septic Backup into Basement, Laundry, Shower or Bathroom:

  • 50% of the time is due to an overfull septic tank caused by a clogged filter.
  • 40% of the time is due to the pipe clogging between the home and the septic tank.
  • 10% of the time is due to a drainfield issue.

Flooded Yard:
Most of the time this is due to a drainfield issue — clogging.

Before thinking the worst, call us and let us evaluate your situation.

emergency septic pumping in action on a rainy day

Our Emergency Septic Service

How do you know if your septic system is having issues?

At first you will observe slow flushing toilets or hear a gurgling sound, especially from the toilets closest to where the septic pipe exits the home. This indicates the septic tank is becoming overfull or a clog is beginning to form.

A slowly flushing toilet or gurgling sound will continue until a backup into the home happens from the clog fully forming or the septic tank becoming too overfull.

Determining the cause of the septic emergency. Outside looking into the tank.

These septic issues should never happen more than once.

A clogged pipe is fixed by snaking out the line from the septic tank. If you have a problem with clogs, there are remedies you can use to prevent future clogs — visit our Do Not Flush Rules page.

A clogged filter or a clogged drainfield is the result of an incorrect maintenance plan for the septic system.

Don’t worry — we will help.

Getting to the cause of the septic system emergency

Achieving your goals.

Our septic maintenance plans prevent your septic filter from clogging and more importantly prevent the clogging of your drainfield.

Your goal is to not have to worry about your septic system, and we take care of that by updating you with notifications throughout the whole service process, sending reminders for future service and by extending the lifespan of your septic system.

Dan and Brandon Grant with their grease trap pumping truck

Why Choose Grant’s Septic Techs?

If you are experiencing a septic emergency then that means your system is currently on the incorrect maintenance plan.

Since 1961 our family has perfected our maintenance process to prevent small issues like pipe clogs and large issues like a clogged drainfield. We have seen every single type of septic issue over the years so BEFORE you start thinking the worst, call us for a free over-the-phone evaluation.


You are welcome to pay online, through mail or in person. We take credit cards, check, ACH or cash. Whichever payment works best for you is fine with us.

The Grants in front of their septic system equipment for replacement or repair